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Our The Thing Custom Handmade Cowboy Hat is a movie icon.

Handmade from luxurious beaver fur, this hat is perfect for fans and collectors alike.

The Thing

Step into the shoes of Kurt Russell’s character, “MacReady” with The Thing Custom Handmade Beaver Fur Felt Cowboy Hat.

Inspired by John Carpenter’s legendary film, The Thing, this hat brings a piece of cinematic history to your collection. With an impressive 6″ crown and a 5″ brim, this hat is designed in a 4 Dent Military style, one of the largest dimensions on offer. The hat band, crafted from 3/4″ distressed leather strapping/windstring, adds an element of rugged authenticity to this unique piece.

Available in a rich chocolate color, this hat can also be personalized with your name inside the crown, making it truly yours. The Thing hat is more than just an accessory – it’s a homage to the chilling tale of an Antarctic research team battling a form-changing alien. Embrace MacReady’s resourcefulness and bravery against the terrifying creature with this unique movie hat.

Ideal for fans of the movie, collectors of memorabilia, and those with a penchant for unique style. Our The Thing Custom Handmade Beaver Fur Cowboy Hat is not just a hat, but a tribute to a legendary movie and a testament to your unique style.

Order yours today and step into a piece of movie history.

The Thing Cowboy Movie Hat

The Thing

Custom Handmade Beaver Fur Felt Cavalry Cowboy Hat

The Thing Custom Handmade Cowboy Hat


With The Thing Custom Handmade Beaver Fur Felt Cowboy Hat, relive Kurt Russell’s MacReady character. A tribute to a legendary film.

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About Our Movie Hats

We make custom hats so the crown and brim measurements are pretty much redundant.

The hats you see online are our standard hats, if you want a specific crown and brim height we will confirm that after your order is received. For a cowboy hat, we can make up to a six (6") inch crown and a five (5") brim. Any hat with a brim width of more than 4 inches we must start with an oversized hat body, which adds a little to the cost.

Most of our cowboy hats have a crown height between 5 and 6 inches and a brim width of 3 1/2 to 4 inches. Hat styles shown with a wider brim include The Wasey, Quigley, Everett Hitch, Blondie, Little J, The Dunson, Last of the Dogmen, Wild Bill, all our B-Movie hats, and many of our Custom Rodeo Hats


Black is a color signifying depth, mystery, and often associated with elegance and formality.


Charcoal grey is a dark, almost black shade of grey, reminiscent of the color of burnt wood.


Granite is a light color, ranging from white to pinkish grey, often speckled with black or brown


Chocolate is a rich, deep brown color that resembles the hue of dark, melted cocoa.


Pecan is a warm, medium-brown shade reminiscent of the rich, nutty hue of a pecan shell.


Whisky is a warm, mid-brown shade, inspired by the rich tones found in whisky.


Natural is a light cream or beige color. Note: Natural is only Available in 20x & 100x


Sahara is a warm, sandy beige hat color that evokes images of the vast, sunlit deserts.


Bone is a light, creamy white color, often compared to the shade of an animal bone.


Silver-Belly is a light, shimmering shade that resembles the color of polished silver.

Beaver Fur Felt for Custom Handmade Hats

Our Beaver Hats are made from high-quality felted beaver fur.

Beaver fur felt is a long-lasting, dense and nearly waterproof material made from a blend of beaver and/or rabbit/hare fur with felt. It is known for its exceptional durability, lasting 5-10 times longer than wool-felt. A high-quality hat made from Beaver and Beaver blend fur-felt can be easily reshaped multiple times using just a steam iron and some patience. This material is highly regarded for its ability to create top-notch hats.

Our Beaver Fur Felt

Ideally, a higher concentration of beaver fur should be indicated by a higher X factor. However, the hat-making industry lacks a standardized system, leading to confusion. Many hat sellers do not disclose the composition of their fur-felt, and some even misleadingly market straw hats as 100X. As a general rule, if a hat maker simply refers to their hat bodies as fur-felt, it is likely made from rabbit or hare fur.

We offer three quality beaver blends for our custom hats:

  • 5X blend consists of approximately 5% beaver combined with rabbit and felt.
  • 20X blend contains 50% beaver combined with rabbit and felt.
  • 100X is made from pure 100% beaver fur-felt.

For a hat that can withstand any weather conditions, a pure beaver cowboy hat is unbeatable. It is lightweight, rigid, and visually stunning, capable of repelling anything that comes its way. And remember, if you desire a water-resistant material, consider that beavers inhabit water while rabbits reside in the dirt.

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